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Digital Photo Frame with super-sized 10.4" TFT LCD display. This multimedia DPF (digital photo frame) allows you to view pictures in a static or slideshow mode, listen to music, watch videos, and has a wonderful alarm + calendar function. Perfect for the student, home desktop, or the office.

Now you finally have a HDD media player that will easily play digital media content on your high def TV. Provided with friendly media software, play up to 11 popular video formats as well picture and audio codecs.

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Drifter is a young driftwood horse, transformed from a wavelet into a creature of the land. He embarks on a journey across the bottom of England, observing life with fresh eyes. He explores the spirit and history of the land, understanding there is much to be learnt from what exists unseen below the surface. To help him on his way he enlists the help of birds, animals and even the flowers of the countryside. He even meets his friend Boulder, the heavy horse, in another lifetime as well as his present one. Join Drifter on his journey along the beautiful ridge-way, where past and present merge, resulting in some illuminating experiences for the adventurous little horse. Will he reach his ultimate destination? Read his story to find out.

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Easy plug-in mp4 video and MP3 music player and with a 1.5 inch TFT LCD display as well as 4GB of flash memory for use with vehicles. This is an ultra portable car media player with FM transmitter function for playing all your favorite digital music and videos while using your cars own speakers to provide you with rich stereo sound.

Home Theater Projector with multimedia capacity. If you want to play Video Games, watch DVDs, or even use your computer on a screen of 90+ inches at very high resolution, but really don't want to pay the price that large screen TVs require, this is the product you have been waiting for. Featuring AV/ TV/ S-Video/ VGA In means that every form of media that you want can be displayed easily and in great definition.


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LED color changing shower head with HOT, WARM, COLD water detection colors. This lighted shower head changes color with the temperature of the water, ensuring you know by sight exactly what to expect before you jump in. Even flashes red if the water is too hot (above 46 deg C) so you do not burn yourself.

Phone 1st generation and iPod Touch case with a high capacity battery built in that can charged either with AC power or with environmentally friendly solar power. Completely forget your battery woes with this high quality and stylish sheepskin protection case.

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Wireless Camera and Receiver set for security and for monitoring your baby with the incredibly useful ability to control the pan and tilt of the camera wirelessly.

Bluetooth adaptor for vehicle steering wheels. This unit has an FM transmitter plus built in MIC and speakers for handling your phone calls while on the road. A fantastic device to enhance your driving experience, this steering wheel Bluetooth adapter is both safe and convenient to use in your car, truck, delivery van, etc. Using the built in MIC and speakers or FM transmission, your phone calls are hands-free, allowing you to keep your eyes on the road while driving.

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